Pallet Service Corporation

Custom Design

The Pallet Design System 3-D Design and Engineering Tool for Wood Pallets

The PDS engineering analysis enables Pallet Service Corporation to assist their customers in optimizing pallet design, reducing costs, reducing product damage, and increasing safety throughout the material handling system. This software also allows us to analyze different stacking patterns, strapping/wrap configurations and package thicknesses to help you maximize the capacity and overall strength of your unit load.

The PDS Reference documents, including a Guide to the PDS Specification and Analysis, can be provided to help answer your questions and to convey the importance of a properly designed and constructed wood pallet. Contact us today to get your free PDS Analysis!

The pallets we manufacture are “USDA Certified Biobased Products®” This certification allows customers to easily identify that our company meets the high standards set forth by the USDA Secretary of Agriculture.


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